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Therapy that Makes Sense

I offer psychotherapy and mindfulness-based services designed to assist adult individuals in understanding life's challenges and determining the best path forward for themselves and their loved ones.

Mother and Daughter Bonding

Benefits of Therapy 

Self-awareness and Insight: Explore and understand your thought patterns.

Emotional Regulation: Become less reactive and more responsive.

Heal Interpersonal Relationships: Resolve conflict and make peace.

Empowerment: Reclaim control over your life through self-compassion.

Trauma Resolution: Process past traumas and develo
p a path to healing.

My Approach

My therapeutic approach combines evidence-based psychology with the principles of Zen Buddhism. 

I specialise in helping adult individuals with personal and work-related difficulties, such as anger, shame, anxiety, depression, addictions, health and well-being.

Through understanding and appreciating your inner world, increasing your self-awareness, and letting go of unresolved burdens, you will achieve clarity and peace of mind.





"Crawf has been instrumental in helping me manage my anxiety and experience a significant improvement in my overall quality of life. His expertise, empathy, and personalised approach have made a profound impact. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking relief from anxiety."

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