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An image representing a mental landscape through psychotherapy near Sydney

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is an evidence-based approach that effectively treats depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, and addictions while also improving overall well-being.

The foundation of IFS is that our mind is composed of multiple, distinct parts, or sub-personalities, each with its own perspective, interests, memories, and viewpoint. IFS holds that every part has a positive intention and a valuable role, even if its methods can be problematic. Parts may be forced into extreme roles due to life experiences, but at their core, they're trying to help.​


The good news is that every person has a 'Self',  an innate essence that contains the qualities of calmness, compassion, connectedness and courage. Healing happens when a person's  Self develops a relationship with their parts because when parts trust the Self they can let go of their extreme roles and transform. 

The goal of IFS is to help an individual's Self to take on a leadership role. This means that the Self is the one making decisions and leading the individual's internal system, rather than their parts.

Starting Psychotherapy

The first step to starting with Crawf Weir Psychotherapy is to 

reach out via email or mobile for a FREE phone consultation.


In this brief consultation, we can discuss your needs and how I can help. It's also an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we're a good fit. 

We can schedule your first therapy session during this call. Crawf Weir Psychotherapy provides both Face-to-Face and Online services in a judgement-free, safe and secure environment.


In our first session, we'll explore the reasons you sought therapy and begin to establish the changes you're seeking. Then, in future sessions, we can work towards your desired outcome. 

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